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Yoo guys im writin' stuff now...... Funneh ehh

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Posted by healyman - October 19th, 2008

As maybe some of u noticed, i've not been very active here on NG.

That's because i don't have a computer at the moment that i can call my own = no animation made in this period, but now i've been looking on a few Pc's and considering buying one.

Peace Out


Posted by healyman - March 14th, 2008

So its easter now, which means 10 days off school which means animation, which means submittin' stuff like The wtf story 5 and maybe an easter special thing.

Sooooo, i haven't been animating for a while now, dont know why, but now i've just started on
wtf story 5.

=Team Awesome=
team awesome is going downhill duo to spacewalk leaving, members isn't really helping maxaroni gettin' stuff done.


The wtf story 5
(maybe) An easter special thingy
and might some other stuff :3


Posted by healyman - February 7th, 2008

Heey guys.
Yeah time for a new post *(^o^)*
so i haven't bin' animating much lately duo to problems with computer and my collar bone
WHICH DIN'T HEAL PROBELY so i've got a fuck'd up arm now :D like lazy feet once said
Dont jugde or you will be jugde or no he said god hate's me and there you go

-so projects-


Heartagram day (just a short which i dont know if im gonna submit it)

The wtf story 5 (yes it is massively-ish delaid)

Also Mraw gave me insparation to start doodling

heres my first work (please comment)


Posted by healyman - January 27th, 2008

its time for an update.

Well since my computer broke (but fix'd now) i could'nt do any animation so i took a break
BUT now my break shall be over but another bump on the road is that i broke my
Collar bone in half and i have to go with a wierd west for 3 F*****G WEEKS!
Which is making it hard for me to control my hand.
and also i've got brainwashed from the fratellis' music ITS GOOD ;)

But looking away from all the bad things heres a little update on animations.

1: the wtf story 5.

2: Somekind of music video.

3: My newgrounds (my voice actor is busy so i've gotta find someone else)

4: T.A. 4 ( i hope)

P.S. i join'd team awesome ;)

See Ya

Posted by healyman - January 9th, 2008

Yeah that's right IM BACK!

so i haven't posted for a long time so here's an update.

Plans of animation.

this month im taking a break away from animating
so that means there will be no animations submitted this month
but if i get my voice for My newgrounds then i will make it and submit it ths month if possible

*-PROJECTS-* (for this year)

1. My newgrounds
2. All the 10 episodes of the wtf story
3. Stupid joke collab with Haanson
4. Small side Projects

P.s. what do you think of my new avatar :)


EDIT: Me añd 2 friends are making a collab more which will be done this month

Posted by healyman - December 10th, 2007

Yoo guys again im just writing this to say that i have 2 new submissions here
there's Keep off the grass i think that one only got positive reponse so thats good
the other one is the awesome gallery NOT. thats just something me and my friend did in an hour i dont think its great

~~new projects~~

The wtf story 4 : i think this is gonna be done this year if i feel like animating

songs to wear pants to song: i wanna make a song from that website if anybody has an idea for a song or something just write back.

Zombie attack: this will be in the making in the start of 2008

I'll maybe submit some shorts maybe about the new year

PEACE :3 or something

Posted by healyman - November 27th, 2007

Im just making this to say that The wtf story 3 is in the making and is finish'd in bout' 2 weeks


The wtf story 3: is in the making and done soon :D don't miss out i think its gonna be great.....NOT!

Dinosaus are sweet music video: I have just come up with this idea so.......maybe in december

Zombie Attack: well.... i have got the sounds and made some story boards

Posted by healyman - November 18th, 2007

The wtf story episode 3 is delay'd becausei have been sick for a week but im also working on a music video wich is gonna be pretty awesome i think.


song 2 music video: DONE!

The wtf story 3: I have only startet with some backgrounds today so theres alot more to come :(

p.s. the wtf story 3 is different to the others cause i have just got some friends from jersey ad they are helping me with sounds, voices and idea's and the art work in the wtf story will also be different to the others cause some people dont like the other style.

so check me out in some days and you will see some new things uploaded

Posted by healyman - November 11th, 2007

im making a series of pretty much only random things i dont even know why im making it but thats life :D i have already make 2 episodes so go check em' out and vote

Posted by healyman - October 24th, 2007

Hey guys im just making this to say that im working on a series its call useless and is pretty much random